"A World of Peace" Postcard Series
Featuring four historic performance photographs at the Great Pyramids in Giza Egypt, in the Wisconsin State Capitol, in the Overture Center, Wisconsin, and in the Lenin Memorial Concert Hall, Russia. Each postcard includes full color photographs, a message of peace and unity, and a brief description of the photographs. The postcards are perforated for easy separation. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing these unique postcards for $3.00 per sheet of four.

Call for Peace Coloring Book
This one of a kind coloring book is written in five languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and German. It features dancers and drummers from Call for Peace Drum & Dance Company, detailing the names, meanings and backgrounds of over 10 different culture’s traditional drums and dances. This book is for all ages and would make a great gift for children, students, teachers and more! Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this unique coloring book.

Dancing the Dream: A New Hope for Humanity (DVD)
Call for Peace's internationally recognized performers recently released their vision for a culture of peace, respect and nonviolence on DVD, Dancing the Dream: A New Hope for Humanity. The video is an actual performance that--through narration and dance--explores the drum and the thread that connects all of humanity. The DVD highlights over 10 unique cultural dances, including Native American, Irish, African/Puerto Rican, Jewish/Hebrew, India, Senegal, Chinese, Aztec and more. It offers wisdom from Chief Seattle, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Teresa. The production includes both an edited 18-minute version for classroom use, as well as the full 45-minute concert. This DVD is available for purchase; please contact us.

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